kick scooters (2000)



playboating (late 90s)


tamagotchi (1996)



grunge (early 1990s)



inline skating (early 1990s)



thrilling (early 1990s)


kitesurfing (late 1980s)


camel trophy (80s-90s)


DMC World DJ Championships (1986)



mtv (1980s)



aerobics (1980s)



michael jackson (1980s)


paintball (1981)



breakdance (late 1970s and early 1980s)



ghetto blaster (70s, 80s)




hang gliding (1970s)



mountain biking (1974)



snowboarding (1970)


hacky sack (1972)


bmx (late 1960s)


the Boogaloo (late 1960s)



uggs (1960s)



windsurfing (1960s)



lava lamp (1960s)


the rolling stones (1960s)


the beatles (1960s)


the one-piece pantyhose (1960s)



mini skirt (1960s)


bikini (1960s)


karting (1956)


play-doh (1956)



chucks (1950s)



skateboards (1950s)



surfing (1950s)



elvis (1950s)



hula hoop (1950s)


lego (1950s)


frisbee (1948)


the petticoat (1947)


jukebox (1940s)


frank sinatra (1940s)


bodybuilding (1940s)


theme parks (1940s)


scrabble (1938)


monopoly (1935)


trampoline (1934)


bing crosby (1930s)


sunglasses (1930s)


swing (1920s)


les trois sports (1920) Ironman Hawaii 1978


jazz (1920s)


mini golf (late 1910s and early 1920s)


make up (1910s)


the blues (1912)


crayola crayons (1903)


teddy bears (1902)


ragtime (1900-1920)


skiing (early 20th)


purses (late 19th)


basketball (1891)


golf (1887)


american football (1876)


tennis (1870s)


sneakers (1865)


association football (1863)



tuxedo (1860s)


ice hockey (1860)


cigarettes (1856)


cocktails (early 19th century)


cigars (1800s)


jigsaw puzzles (1760)


kuckucksuhren (1750)


baseball (18th century)


roulette (1650)


cravat (1630s)


checkers (1000)


playing cards (969)


soccer (7th century)


pachisi (300)


the circus (100 bc)


yo-yos (500 bc)


track and field athletics (776 bc)


mahjong (2000 bc)


dolls (2000 bc)


chess (2100 bc)


marbles (2500 bc)


senet (3500 bc)


backgammon (3500 bc)


skittles (3500 bc)


ice skating (5000 bc)