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founding event



    World government          
  United States 1945  



Normandy Campaign  


  Great Britain 1815 1945 Wellington Vienna Congress  


  France 1648 1815 Mazarin Peace of Westfalia Waterloo, Vienna Congress
  Spain 1492 1648 Columbus

Discovery and Conquest of

the New World

Peace of Westfalia



Mongol Empire



Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan united the tribes


Zhu Yuanzhang conquered Dadu, founding the Ming dynasty

  HRR 800 1517 Charlemagne

Coronation by Pope Leo III,

withdrawing the office from


Protestant Reformation dividing the

empire, starting off its long decline

  Arab caliphates 632 1258

Abu Bakr

Abu Bakr became the first

Khalifa Rasul Allah

Hulagu Khan, the Mongol conqueror,

sacked Baghdad

  Byzantium 330 1453 Constantine Refoundation of Byzantium

as Nova Roma

Mehmed took Constantinople

for the Ottomans

  Rome 52 bc 476 Julius Cesar

the Siege of Alesia completing

the Roman conquest of Gaul

Odoacer took Ravenna for

the Germanic foederati

  Greece 333 bc 168 bc Alexander Defeat of Achaemenid Persia  

at the Battle of Issus

Ascendancy of Rome in Greece

after the Battle of Pydna

  Persia 546 bc 333 bc Cyrus the Great Siege of Sardis


Battle of Issus


  Assyro-Babylonia 745 bc   Tiglath-Pileser III Annexation of Babylonia 




  Egypt 3100 bc   Narmer Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt