molecular nanotechnology




the automotive navigation system (1990)



the PC (1981)



fiber-optic communication systems (1975)



the cellular telephone (1973)


Velcro (1955)



angle grinder (1954)


cloud seeding equipment (1946)


the Aqua-lung (1943)


the ballpoint pen (1938)


sunscreen (1938)



oxygen masks for high altitude climbing


the Excavator


the bulldozer (1920s)


the electric washing machine was first mass produced (1906)


the ring binder (1886)


the Rotary printing press (1846)



the sewing machine (1829)


arc welding (late 1800s)



the Fourdrinier Machine (1799)



the sextant (1730)



the chronometer (1730)


the typewriter (1714)


Seed drill (1701)



the Steam engine (1698)


the Vernier scale (1631)



the telescope (1608)



the microscope (1595)


the knitting machine (1589)


scissors (1500)



the Gutenberg press (1445)


the table fork (Middle Ages)



the Horse collar (8th century)


the stirrup (4th century)


the horseshoe (294)



the Baghdad Battery (200)






the aeolipile



the Dendera light (1st century bc)


clothes Iron (1st century bc)


the horse collar (100 bc)



Archimedes' screw


the wheelbarrow (5th century bc)


coinage (643 bc)


the block and tackle pulley (9th century bc)


scissors (1500 bc)


the seed drill




mirros (2000 bc)


the spoked wheel (2000 bc)


Soap (2800 bc)


the lever


glass (3000 bc)


candles (3000 bc)


cylinder seals (3100 bc)


ovens (3200 bc)


the saw


writing systems (3200 bc)



Egyptians invented the sail (3500 bc)


wheeled vehicles





the wheel (4000 bc)


arch bridges (4000 bc)


irrigation (5000 bc)



mirrors (6000 bc)



the adze


the plough (6000 bc)


the axe (8000 bc)


the sickle (8000 bc)


the hoe (8000 bc)



pottery (10,000 bc)


domestication (10,000 bc)


the fishing hook (10,000 bc)


the mattress


the harpoon (bc)





the atlatl (18,000 bc)


musical instruments


bow and arrow (20,000 bc)


the sewing needle (30,000 bc)


ships (60,000 bc)


Pigments (200,000 bc)







metates are large stone slabs on which grain is crushed with a mano



controlled fire (1,000,000 bc)




spoken language



the spear (1,800,000 bc)



the hand axe (2,000,000 bc)


stone tools (2,400,000 bc)


the digging stick


the club


the staff