Love God above all, and

love your neighbor like yourself, namely unconditionally

everything in this world is energy: matter as well as thought

questions of God and religion are questions of faith

faith can be comprehended as loving confidence and infinite optimism

every human being is equally free in one's own world which has its bounds where another's world begins

when you can just be, meditating on the pure concepts of

love, truth, beauty, trust, harmony and peace

you have absolutely nothing to worry about

on higher planes of reality there is no ego, but rather the higher self that is cosmic unity

everything in life is what you make it, so coming from a positive attitude will bring you about a positive reality

the ultimate purpose of human existence is to increase awareness about ourselves and the universe

the only time to live is now, in the moment, learning from the past, while expecting and planning for the best possible future

it is always the golden mean that is the best choice