Theory of Value and Action








inferiority quality
flaws ideals
defects excellences
vices virtues
profligacy morality
misology philosophy
misanthropy philanthropy
asociality altruism
apathy empathy
nihilism eudaimonism
unscrupulousness conscience
desires cognitive powers
bad actions good actions
culpability merit
delinquency beneficence
maliciousness benevolence
carelessness supererogation
vengefulness forgiveness
conceit catholicity
negligence devotion
fickleness fortitude
corruptness integrity
deceit honesty
injustice justice
wiliness probity
rudeness manners
unacceptability acceptability
prohibition admissibility
offensiveness decency
inappropriate behavior appropriate behavior
temptations challenges
neglect observance
inclination duty
needs rules
shame glory
misery welfare
suffering wellbeing
remorse contentment
unworthiness worthiness
damnation salvation
punishment reward
depravation education
delusion instruction
nature nurture